Tree of Life map and item share list

Here’s the Tree of Life map and an item share list example. I hope people use it.

Feel free to add comments sharing info and I’ll update the list as we go.

Hope you like it. I got the idea to put this grid map together after seeing Neird’s post on steam forums.

I just realized that the map below that is given from the steam website does not match the one that is in game. There are subtle differences. I’ve created a new map with grid for your use. It’s not exact but should get you close to where you want to go if you are using it to share info. Hope you like it.



Item List

Item Locations Thanks to
Baobab 16L-13P Neirdan
Bear 5E-3K Windvally
Black Flower 5A-3H Windvally
Broadleaf Tree
Blue Flower 12F (need confirmation) Steam Forums
Brown Cow
Carrot 5A-3H Windvally
Copper 5A-1Y, 20A-17P Neirdan, Sylore
Cursed Zombie
Desert Kobold 16L-13P, 17S-16X Neirdan
Drywood Tree 17S-16X Neirdan
Evil Tree Spriit
Fire Kobold 14S Neirdan
Fire Ogre 14S Neirdan
Fishmen 19L-17P Neirdan
Gazelle 16L-13P Neirdan
Ginseng 10H
Goblin 20A-16J
Iron 16L-13P Neirdan
Kobold 17S-16X Neirdan
Man-Eating Plant 1T-5Y, 13T-10W
Mithril 20S-18T Neirdan
Needle Tree
Ogre 19L-18T Neirdan
Onion 5A-3H Windvally
Potato 5A-3H Windvally
Quartz 17S-16X Neirdan
Red Flower 1T-5Y Windvally
Sheep 20A-16J Neirdan
Spore Tree 7K-9K
Spotted Cow
Strawberry 7C-11C Ark
Sulphur 14S Neirdan
Swamp Tree 11M-10R
Vine 13T-10W Neirdan
Watermelon 5N-2P Sylore
Wetland Tree 5N-2P Sylore
Wolf 5A-3H, 17S-16X, 16L-13P Windvally, Neirdan
Yellow Flower 11M-10R Manny

More Progress!

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Stay tuned for more changes/content coming soon!  Thank you for your patience!

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